Pubg Mobile lite free bc generator


Genrate pubg mobile lite free bc by following few steps, make sure to follow all the steps, if you miss any step then you might don't get uc click here to know why?

Step 1

Step 2

Please enter correct ingame ID

BC amount should be less than 1000 BC

Share our website with more than 10 friends in the next few minutes to start the BC generation Process.

Make sure you don't leave or refresh this page for the next few minutes till the proccess gets completed, as this may cancel the unique key request generated for your BC Transaction.

BC generation will start automatically after the sharing task is completed.

Task Completed

congratulations for completing the BC generation process.

If you have completed the sharing task and a valid key is generated in our system you will get the BC in you account within 48 hours.

How to generate free BC?

You can generate BC by following few simple steps:

Enter your game id and BC amount, make sure to enter correct game id and enter BC amount less than 1000 BC as you can generate BC for a particular id only once don't enter BC amount more than 1000 BC.

The probability of getting more than 1000 BC is very less so we recommend not to enter more than 1000 BC per id.

After entering id and BC amount you will get BC in your account within 48 hours of BC generation.

To boost up the process of BC generation and increasing your probability of BC reward make sure to share our website with 5 or more than 5 friends via social media. The more you share the higher probability of BC getting credited in your account.

Important Info

If you fail in following any of the 3 steps, BC will not get credited in your account.

As a register KEY is generated for every id, our system tracks and checks whether all the three steps are completed or not and then the BC is credited.

We EXPORT BC from GG (game Gurdian)BC generator and IMPORT in your mentioned id, so it may take time to register BC in your game account.

The BC transfter process we follow is 100% safe and tencent is unaware of this trick.


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